Our First Home

Welcome to our first home!

I want to start off by sharing that while the house buying process is not an easy one, it is an incredible learning opportunity. With the budget that Jordan and I had, looking in the area that we were in, we had to sit down and decide what our priorities were when looking for a home, because we most definitely knew we were not going to be able to find one that encompassed everything on our wish list. Our top two on the list? Backyard and good bones.

This house is not perfect, we could easily see that, but the property that it was on was. With a full acre of flat land and a beautiful tree that we could picture ourselves gazing at while the sun set every night, we knew that as long as this house had good bones, it could be our perfectly imperfect home.

After countless inspections and negotiations with the sellers, who were able to fix all of the major issues and concerns that we had with the house, we were able to confidently say that this house contained good bones, and go ahead and sign the papers to call it our own.

We came in with full force, hand in hand with family, friends, and anyone willing to pick up a paint brush, to start the early renovations before we are able to move in. We have begun pulling trim, painting walls, priming cabinets, building furniture, and more.

But before I begin to share with you the accomplishments of our hard work, I would like to show you all the “before” pictures of the house to give you a good idea of how¬†one can turn a house into a home on a small budget…all you need is a little paint and a lot of love!House 4House 5House 3House 16House 14House 17House 9House 6House 11House 12House 10House 2

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