A Lot of Love


Although I truly want the focus of this blog to be about house project hacks, easy ways to enjoy healthy eating, wedding planning, and finding time for fitness, all among the craziness that life brings, the enjoyment that I get from all of these aspects of my life would not be possible if it weren’t for the foundation of love that I am built upon, so with all of that, I introduce you to my foundation…Meet Jordan.

The definition of team is said to be “a group of players forming one side in a competitive game or sport,” and while Jordan and I have formed on the side of love and happiness competing with the struggles and stresses that life can bring, I would say that we fit within the definition beautifully. Jordan and I have known each other since middle school, where we very quickly became good friends. It is not often that girls have the ability to say that their fiance has been a support system for them through almost every aspect of their life, but with me that is nothing but true. Jordan was an incredibly patient man, remaining one of my best friends all throughout high school while all others knew the deep down love he had for me. Taking far too long to realize that this man was as perfect as they come, we began dating my Junior year of college, and I can honestly say ever since I have had the honor of calling him mine, I have had no doubt in the world that this man was the kindest I would ever know, so when he got done on one knee to ask me to take his hand in marriage, there was no need to even think twice.

At the age of 22, recently engaged, newly homeowners of a house that needs a little TLC, while one recently graduated and the other still finishing school, we have been told quite a few times that our goals and dreams are very “ambitious.” And although there is no doubting those thoughts and concerns, as I have them often myself, what I have to stand on and what motivates me to accomplish these goals, is the foundation of love and happiness that Jordan has built for us. When you find someone that is as ambitious about accomplishing these goals with you as you are, that will make you laugh while on the 10th day of painting your house when you are feeling like you are about to crumble, and that provides an arm for support when you just aren’t feeling strong enough to stand, you hold on to them. All we can do in life is choose to enjoy the obstacles that are thrown at us, so if you have even just one person to make you smile along the way, you have accomplished more than enough.

While this year is full of big goals and aspirations such as planning a wedding, renovating a house, all while staying healthy and fit, we could not be more excited for the challenges that come with all of it, and we hope that you enjoy the journey with us as we only dream that we can provide some comfort in the words with which we post.

If you want to see the amazing engagement video that our dearest friends created for us, visit their website, https://www.kwproductions.org/single-post/2017/08/03/Thompson-Engagement

Below are some of our engagement photos done by the incredible photographer, Jay Eads.

Thank you for reading, I cannot wait to share the renovations we have made on the house, all with just…a little bit of paint and a lot of love!



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