Christmas in our Home

There is nothing quite like the start of the holiday where smells of peppermint and Christmas tree overwhelm you, sounds of Christmas carols fill your home, and twinkling lights are all you see at night. And when, for the first time in your life, you are able to turn your own home into a winter wonderland, it makes the holiday season extra special.

With Jordan and I’s love for the holiday, it was no surprise that we had our house looking as if Christmas had thrown up in it the day after Thanksgiving. But with this exuberant amount of excitement towards decorating, we learned very quickly that decorating for Christmas can come at a very high cost, so we wanted to share the ways in which we were able to decorate our home on a budget!


Being raised as a weekly Target shopper, there was no question as to where I would be purchasing the majority of my decor. And although there are tons of stores out there with many good deals on decorations, such as TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshalls, etc., Target did not disappoint on the evening that I walked in, ready to purchase my very first batch of Christmas decorations. I am here to proclaim that purchasing decorations that fit amongst a desired theme that you have in mind for your home, is not an impossible task when you are on a budget, and for me, Target made it very easy.

The two square wooden decorations, located on the selves of the second picture, were picked up in the $3 section as you first walk in to Target, where I should add, had many other Christmas decorations for a very small price.

The set of ornaments I purchased for the tree cost me $5 plus another $6 for 6 wood ornaments in my same color scheme. 52345785

We splurged on our stockings, for $13 each, as they were too perfect for us to pass up.


My beautiful Christmas village I was lucky enough to have passed down to me from my wonderful grandmother, and would be the first to encourage those that do not already have one, to invest in it, as they last a lifetime and end up being the focal point of every decorated home.

Lastly, nothing beats the smell that comes from a Christmas tree and wreath, so you can mark my word when I say that every year of my existence, I will continue to buy fresh ones from local farms, because Christmas would not be the same without coming home to a house smelling like fresh pine needles, and when wreaths only cost around $12 but provide an element of nature to your decorated home, that money is more than well spent in my mind.

I could not be more excited to share with you all the Christmas traditions that I partake in each year. From tips and tricks on decorations, Christmas candy recipes, and do it yourself Christmas present projects, I hope you enjoy following along this Holiday season!

I welcome all comments and questions regarding any of my topics on my posts!

Have a Happy Holidays! And stay tuned to see what is to come, all with a little paint and a lot of love!

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