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Ever since I can remember I have loved being in the kitchen. Some credit for this may be given to the fact that if I was not making a meal for myself, I was then stuck eating frozen corn dogs or bagel bites, due to the long hours my parents were working, but the majority of the credit I must give to those two people, because ever since I have been able to stand, they have been nothing but overjoyed to take the time to teach me their ways around the kitchen.

This in turn worked out in their favor, as by the time I was in high school, I enjoyed cooking so much that I insisted on making dinner every night so that they would have a home cooked meal to come home to after their long days at work.

Now being a homeowner myself, working a full time job, and getting myself to the gym 6 days a week, I completely understand the gracious comments I used to hear from my parents on how wonderful it was to be able to come home and not have to cook, as I often find myself dreading the long days where I still have a responsibility of putting food on the table when I get home for Jordan and I.

Not only is it hard enough finding the time to plan meals for the whole week, but when it comes to finding easy, healthy meals, that don’t take you hours to prepare, sometimes it feels as if you are tasked with an impossible mission.

This is why I want to share some of the meals I have found to be, cheap, quick, and healthy, making dinners both enjoyable to make and guilty free to eat!

Below is the first recipe I would like to share!

Lemon Garlic Chicken and Veggies!

Prep time: 10 Minutes

Cook time: 25 Minutes

IMG_0084 (1)

For this time, I used squash, asparagus, bell pepper, and mushrooms for my veggies, but any combination of vegetables will do! Choose your favorites!


After chopping up the veggies, and slicing each chicken breast in half, coated in a little olive oil, squeezed the juices of about a half of a lemon, and sprinkled with Italian seasoning, garlic salt, and pepper!

After both pans were coated nicely, I stuck them in the oven for about 20 minutes on 350 and they came out cooked perfectly!

The flavors were so fantastic I managed to get even my fiance to munch on some veggies!

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