Turn Old Wood…Into New Art

The Holiday season is a crazy time for us all. Between present ideas, shopping, wrapping, family gatherings, cooking, cleaning, decorating, and everything in between, by the time December is over, everything you have done up to that point all feels like a blur.

Although all gifts have been exchanged, and cruising through pinterest for Holiday gift ideas is far past, I wanted to share the DIY project that my fiance and I attempted this year! Jordan and I did not want to forget the meaning behind the holidays. Instead of buying a ton of presents for our families, we instead wanted to make something for them together, to remind us what this season is truly about.

I know the thought of home made gifts may terrify you, as no one wants to be an example of a “Pinterest fail,” but we can honestly say that after no tears were shed, no shouting was displayed, and actual high-fives were exchanged, that our DIY project was a success. So whether it be an anniversary gift, birthday present, or piece of art you hang in your own house, see below for your next DIY success!

DIY Wood Sign


You can use whatever wood you have at your disposal, but the wood we decided to use was actually old fence boards taken from my parents last fence. We really loved being able to refurbish wood that would have otherwise been thrown away.

For 1 sign, we used 3 boards, cut 2 feet wide, and stacked horizontally, however, you can cut your boards to whatever size you want, horizontal or vertical, depending on what you like.


There are many different ways in which you can connect your boards and hang your piece to the wall. Jordan used two skinny pieces screwed into the boards, in order to keep them together. As far as hanging goes, he used a cleat, which requires one piece to be screwed into the wood, and another piece to be attached to the wall, which then allows the wood sign to hang safely.

Now comes what seems to be the fun part!! (but for those of you that may be perfectionists, will end up being the part of the project that makes you want to tear your hair out of your head)

You will need spray paint and stencils, of which we all found at Michaels. We chose 3 different sizes of stencils, each set different than the other, in order for the back letter and last name to really stand out, and two different colors of spray paint.

PATIENCE IS KEY. We found the best way to achieve what we wanted, was to cut out each letter stencil and tape them together in order to form the word you want. This way you are not individually spray painting each letter one by one. Keep in mind that it is very difficult to determine if the letters are entirely straight and evenly spaced apart. But remember, imperfections are what give these signs the farm house feel! 🙂

After you determine your color combinations, go ahead and begin laying and spraying!

Tip: Make sure to thoroughly tape down the stencil, cover surrounding areas, and spray from about a foot away to make sure the stencil does not bleed. (This will ensure that your fiance does not give you the stink eye for getting paint onto the board)

After your fingers are covered in spray paint, you have gotten over the imperfections of the lettering, and your house is covered in paper scraps, you come out the other side with some cute signs that all will love and adore!


I hope to have more DIY projects for you all in the future!

Please do not hesitate to comment and ask questions!

All done with just a little paint and a lot of love…

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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