5 Simple Ways to a Healthier Lifestyle in 2018

Creating New Year’s Resolutions can be exciting and motivating! A new year, with a fresh start, full of opportunities for you to work towards your health and fitness goals. However, it can also be extremely overwhelming and daunting. The start of the new year brings gym ads, fitness coaches persuading you to join their team, health and wellness aps asking for your business, etc. It is completely normal to desire a health and fitness lifestyle change while also not knowing where to begin in the process. Therefore, I wanted to give you 5 tips and tricks to a healthier lifestyle in 2018 that are easy to accomplish, meaning you can quickly check off some boxes in the beginning of the year and know you are off to a great start in achieving your goals!

  1. Organize your meal planning and make shopping easy!

Although eating healthy seems as if it would be the easiest lifestyle change, it often times is the most difficult. My tips? Go out and purchase a grocery notepad to keep you organized! Buying yourself a cute grocery list and writing down all of the items that you need for the week is a simple way to make your planning just a little bit more exciting. It may seem stupid to some, but others will completely agree, that when I am able to make a list of what I need, and then cross off those items as I go, my inner need to feel accomplished is fully satisfied!


My second tip? Transition to the world of online grocery shopping. If you have not yet tried online shopping for your groceries, you are missing out on a part of life that could not be sweeter. When I first heard of the concept of completing your weekly shopping trip at the click of the button, I was very questionable. No part of me would allow myself to be swept off my feet by the thought of this magic without first hearing the downsides of this concept. However, I am here to proclaim to you that this is in fact as good as it sounds!!! Sign up with Clicklist https://www.kroger.com/topic/clicklist—select-your-store pick your store, and the agony of shopping for groceries will be a thing of the past. Put on your pajamas, shop from your couch, and let your healthy eating begin!

  1. Buy a cookbook!

I do not want to speak for everyone, but for me, the hardest part about healthy eating is deciding what to make. I do not want to sit down for hours on end, creating a list of healthy meals for the week, just to have my fiancé roll his eyes at the sound of every entrée I will be making him. The Skinnytaste cookbook has completely transformed the feelings both Jordan and I have about meals. This cookbook allows you to eat the meals that both of you love, without the downfall of all the calories, carbs, etc. Whether you are craving tacos, chicken alfredo, chili, etc., Skinnytaste provides you with altered versions of your favorite meals so that you can feel good about what you are eating while also being excited about the taste! Skinnytaste has created two cookbooks so far that are available for sale, (I have both and use them religiously), as well as a website where you can search their hundreds of different recipes, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert, so that you are never at a loss of what to make. https://www.skinnytaste.com/

  1. Find a workout buddy

There is no doubting that our intentions are great when diving into our fitness goals of 2018, but it can be difficult to follow through when life happens and other priorities get in the way of your time set aside to workout. My tip? Grab a workout buddy, so that the next time you try and skip out on your workout, you will have your friend, partner, or whoever you choose, blowing up your phone wondering why you are choosing to forgo your new years resolution! After guilt tripping my fiancé into working out enough times, he is now right there beside me 6 days a week in the workout room!

  1. Set a schedule

Stuff happens. That is the reality of our every day lives. Work runs late, family makes plans, friends want to hangout, chores need to be done, whatever it is, we all have obstacles in our world that make it easy to find excuses to push aside our workouts for the day. Setting a schedule of when it is you need to get in there and put in the work, is completely necessary in achieving your fitness goals. When I first began my lifestyle change, I made it a priority to workout every day after work. Sure, there are life events that get in the way sometimes, and no, I do not spend 2 hours in the workout room every day (who honestly has time for that), but for over 3 years now, I have been working out 5-6 days a week every single week, simply because I have made it my set schedule and one of my biggest priorities.

  1. Find what energizes you and what exhausts you

Not every diet, cardio routine, exercise, or meal plan is meant for every person. You are unique, which means your health and fitness lifestyle should be as well. The aspect that is going to turn your 2018 resolution into a complete lifestyle change, is finding out what energizes you, and what exhausts you. If the thought of running simply makes you want to cry, then don’t feel the need to make it part of your everyday cardio routine. If tracking your calories sounds terribly exhausting, then stick to a healthy plan that doesn’t need to be tracked. If you know me, you know that I do not believe in diets. There is no 30 day meal plan that I will ever partake in, simply because they are not what being healthy is about. Setting up your healthy lifestyle is all about finding the daily goals that you are going to be able to stick to, not just for a few weeks or a few months, but for the rest of your life, so you can nourish your body for the length of your existence. Because that is what your health goals should be, not a diet that lasts 4 weeks and helps you drop 10 pounds, but a complete lifestyle change that is obtainable, and one that will continuously help your health and wellness. So whether it is yoga, a sport you can partake in recreationally, meal prepping with foods you enjoy, etc., finding what energizes you won’t end in a short health phase, it will end in a total lifestyle change!


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