DIY Farmhouse Shelves

The world we live in today, you are one of two things, an avid “Do It Yourselfer,” who is constantly browsing Pinterest for their next home project, or you are the “Purchaser,” who avoids doing projects at all costs and would much rather pay the money to have someone else complete their dream projects for them. Both of these types of people are respectable and valid, not one is better than the other. Some of us have a knack for home projects, and others know that they are best to leave it to the experts.

But what I want to share with you, is an at home project that both types of personalities are bound to get behind. A project so easy, but guaranteed to make a drastic transformation in your home. Because I will be the first to admit that I used to be the “Purchaser,” and the world knows that it was much safer that way, but now, I have been transformed into the “Do It Yourselfer,” and so can you!

DIY Farmhouse Shelves!!!!

These DIY Farmhouse Shelves are perfect for any style home, and add an element of decor that can be personalized based upon each and everyone’s different style!

To start, you will need only 3 things, screws, a board (we used an old fence board), and two shelf brackets (click to see the ones we purchased from Home Depot).

One option before putting together your shelf, is to stain your board to the color of your choosing, we decided to keep ours just the way they were, as we really loved the character that they held.

Next, you will cut your board to the size of your choosing. We cut one at 30 inches, and one at 4ft, to create two different sized shelves.

Then, you will place the brackets at the ends of the shelves and screw them in, making sure the back of the bracket is flush with the back of the shelf.

On the 4ft shelf, we screwed the brackets in about 10 inches from the end on each side, and the 30 inch shelf we screwed them in 5 inches from the end on each side.

Next, you will place the shelf where you would like on the wall, make two notches of where the top screws will rest, take the shelf off, drill the screws, place the brackets on the screws, and finally, screw in the bottom screws, so your shelf surely will not fall!

I am not exaggerating when I say that these shelves are one of the easiest DIY projects I have partaken in, and give a result so incredible, that I am now determining where else in the house we can place them!

See the results below!


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