The Charming Blanket Ladder

As spring approaches, I have found myself more frequently sitting in my living room as the warm sun shines through the window, simply feeling overwhelmingly grateful for the cute house that I get to call my own. And as silly as this may sound to some of you, a huge part of the cuteness that this house beholds, comes from nothing other than the blanket ladder oh so quaintly leaning up against my living room wall.

I had been beginning to see these blanket ladders pop up everywhere from Facebook Marketplace, farmhouse themed Pinterest pages, to almost every home decor store in town. After deciding that I myself also needed a blanket ladder for my country home, asked my more than capable fiance if he could make me one. After taking a few minutes of convincing him that this was a wonderful idea with the many pictures I had saved, he set out to make me one of my very own!

Although my last post claimed to be the easiest DIY project you will lay your hands on, this blanket ladder is a close second for those of you comfortable with a hand saw and a power drill!

To make a ladder of your own, you will need the following materials (all of ours purchased at Home Depot):

  • Two 5ft 2x4s
  • Four 18 inch 2x2s
  • Sander
  • Handsaw
  • Power Drill
  • Screws
  • Stain
  • Deft

Once you have cut your wood pieces to the respective dimensions as listed above, you will need to sand each piece. Next, you will stain each piece of wood with your chosen color, as we have found that it is much easier to stain the pieces before you construct your ladder (the color stain we chose is from Home Depot, Ebony, only requires one coat, and is absolutely perfect for any farmhouse home). After staining, you will need to spray your pieces with Deft (A wood finish).

Once your wood has dried from staining, you can now begin assembling! We have found that our favorite blanker ladder look places the first rung 6 inches from the top of the ladder, and the rungs remaining 12 inches a part, leaving 18 inches from the last run to the bottom of the ladder. It is easiest if you lay out all of your wood pieces following these dimensions before you start drilling. Once you have established where each rung will be placed, you will simply screw in from the outside of the 2×4, into the respective 2×2 piece, on both sides.


When finished, place your ladder in your desired space, lay your blankets on it, and enjoy the wonderfully cute aspect it brings into your home!


For those of you who want this farmhouse piece without having to go through the hassle of making it (I don’t blame you!), comment below and Jordan and I can make you one specially for you! We are selling them for $50 a piece with this stain color, but can custom make them for $65 using whichever stain color you prefer.

All done with a little paint and a lot of love! 😉

Thank you all and have a wonderful day!



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