As a bride planning your wedding, the Bridal Shower is about the last thing you want to think about. In fact the truth is, many of us even forget about having a Bridal Shower for ourselves, and by the time we do remember, the thought of planning yet another party on top of everything already going on is overwhelming and seems downright unjustifiable. Yes, throughout most traditions, the bride is not the actual one planning the shower, but the feeling of not wanting to put the burden on anyone else overwhelms us into thinking the best option is to just not have one. I am here to persuade you into thinking differently, because I myself was lucky enough to have a bridal shower and the day could not have been more perfect.

The components that made up my perfect day:

  1. Having the greatest friends and mother to plan the whole day.

One of the biggest reasons that this day was so spectacular was because I did not have to plan a single ounce of it. Thanks to my wonderful best friend (Hannah Bennion with KW Productions ), all of my bridesmaids, and my mother, I was able to attend a day planned for me without having to lift a finger. From incredibly beautiful decorations, extremely fun games, and delicious food, this group of women came together, made me feel overwhelmingly loved, and worked so hard to give me the best Bridal Shower I could ever ask for, and I would not have had it any other way.


  1. Recruiting help from an event planner.

As I mentioned above, my best friend was over the top incredible in every aspect of this shower. She was so thoughtful that she recruited some help from the wonderful To Be Loved Events, who provided her with ideas, processes, inspiration, and more, to make this day truly magnificent. For those who welcome all the help they can get, I strongly recommend checking out this wonderful lady and her incredible business, as I can speak from experience that she played a role in making my shower day truly special. 


  1. A fantastic venue

One of the most difficult aspects of planning a bridal shower, from my perspective, is finding the right venue. Many brides host their bridal showers at someone’s house, as it is hard to justify dipping into your wedding fund for an event that could be cost effective. Thanks to my wonderful team of planners, who wanted me to feel extra special with having my bridal shower at a fun location, my venue was the wonderful J Scott Wine Cellars Tasting Room. J Scott provided a more than reasonable cost for renting, impeccable customer service, and delicious wine, helping to put this day over the top. Although I know that not every bride will be able to find a venue as both affordable and terrific in your area, if you happen to live in Eugene, I would 100% recommend J Scott for your next event. 


Although there were many aspects to my shower, these 3 were by far the most important and made the biggest impression. Coming from the recipient of this extravagant day, I can honestly say I will be taking these top 3 tips with me to hopefully be able to plan my friends showers in the future, because every future bride deserves to feel special as much as she can, so why not have a day celebrating just you!


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