My name is Danielle (Michaud) Thompson and after my mother (Tani Michaud) and I just spent all of last year planning my dream come true wedding, we decided we wanted to help as many others as we could decorate and plan their special events, so we decided to start an events rental business of our own.

From weddings and bridal showers, to birthday parties, business events, and everything in between, we exist to help decorate all types of events to the best of our ability.

With the help of our trusty woodworking men (my husband and father), who can build and create just about anything, from rustic bars, to wood arches, and much more, we plan to bring you beautifully handcrafted work, along with nothing but high quality rentals that we think will fit all visions.

One aspect of our business that we hope is unique to our customers, is that we are willing (and excited), to be as helpful as we can be, throughout your whole event planning process. With years of experience planning large fundraisers, parties, and now with a wedding or two under our belt, we would like to think of ourselves as a tool to all that would like to use us. Any questions that you may have along the way, we are here to provide our insight, research options, and answer in the best way that we can.

We can only hope that we get the chance to help make your event a success with a little paint, and a whole lot of love.

-Dani and Tani